1 col x 4 rows 8.5"x11" with 1" bottom & top, .25" right & left margins

Neat and professional-looking return receipts, bookmarks, shelf talkers, tickets, and VIP passes are yours when you choose this perforated paper layout. Produced on letter-sized sheets, its configuration of 1 column by 4 rows has a 1" margin on the bottom and top, as well as 0.25" side margins. Available in many colors and paper stock weights, including white with green security ink!
  • Each 8.5" x 11" sheet produces 4 individual pieces measuring approximately 2.25" x 8".
  • Perfed in 1 col x 4 rows with 1" top and bottom margins and 0.25" side margins.
  • Compatible with most copy machines, inkjet printers, and laser printers.
  • Speedy order turnaround, excellent customer service.
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