Design Your Own Perforation Layout


Current Configuration

  • Paper Size: 8.5"x11"
  • Paper Type: 500 - Vellum Cream 67 lb Vellum Bristol
  • Top Margin: 0.00"
  • Bottom Margin: 0.00"
  • Left Margin: 0.00"
  • Right Margin: 0.00"
  • Even Vertical Perfs: 0
  • Even Horizontal Perfs: 0
  • Number of Segments: 500
  • Segment Size: 8.50"x11.00"
  • Stubs: None
  • Extra Perfs: None

If margins are used, they cannot be less than 0.25" from the edge of the paper. If you do not want margins, leave the value at zero.


These perforations are spaced evenly inside your margins, dividing that area into equally sized segments. Your margins and unevenly spaced perforations will not be moved.

Segments per Page: 1
Segment Size: 8.50"x11.00"

We can place multiple detachable stubs on your perfed paper. Stubs are measured from the edge of a row or column of segments.

inches from the
of the segment.

Any other perforations you need can be added here. These perforations are measured from the edge of the paper.

inches from the
of the paper.

Order Summary

Order by: Thu, 6:00 PM CST
Ships on: Tue, Jul 23
Delivered on: Depends on shipping