Perforated Paper Layout Help

On this page you will learn what perforated (or preperforated) paper is, and the various terms used to describe a piece of perforated paper.

The following drawing illustrates an 8 ½" x 11" sheet of paper that has been "perforated" to contain eight tickets, each with a perforated ticket stub. In addition, a special margin has been perforated at the bottom of the page to eliminate an unprintable area from the paper. A "perforation" is a line of very small holes that is punched into the paper to make the various parts of the paper separate from one another by folding and "tearing along the dotted line."

In the diagram shown above, the paper has a total of seven perforated lines on it. Specifically, there are:

Quantity Type Purpose
4 Ticket Separation Lines To separate tickets along columns and rows
2 Stub Lines To separate stubs from tickets
1 Margin Lines To separate the printable area of a ticket from the unprintable area of the ticket