Perforated Paper

Perforated paper is a sheet of paper or card stock that has "perforation" lines of very small holes (micro) punched into the paper. This perforation allows the various parts of the perforated paper to be separated from one another by simply "folding and tearing along the dotted line." We also offer stub perfing. The stub perforation is sturdier and can withstand more handling than the microperf. Perforated card stock is most often used to print tickets that need to stay intact until the stub is collected. The standard micro-perforation contains 30 perforations per inch while the stub perforation only has 12 perforations per inch. Perforated Paper specializes in providing the highest quality perforated paper at an affordable price.

We can create specialized perforated paper in any configuration

We can perforate paper or card stock in any size or type of paper with any number of perforations placed where you want them on the page. You can choose between several common perforated paper layouts at our online store, create a configuration to your specifications with our custom perforated paper tool, or call us at 888.509.1233 for a quote on a custom perforated paper layout.

If you need perforated paper for tickets, coupons, gift certificates, labels, or business forms and want to print on your own printer, we have the software and perforated paper and card stock to help you achieve your goal. Printing with perforated paper makes it easy to print in small or large quantities, without worrying about trimming. It can help provide instant results when you have a perforated paper project that needs to be done quickly and easily.

You can purchase standard perforation patterns online and Elk River Systems, Inc. will process it within 3 business days. Orders placed by phone can be processed within 24 hours, although special rush charges will apply. We can also custom perforate paper to your exact specifications within three business days. We also offer a wide variety of shipping methods to get your order to you as quickly as you need it.

We give you custom perforated paper and perforated card stock at mass production prices. Our perforated papers are used for raffle tickets, event tickets, coupons, gift certificates, business forms, labels, and printing of all kinds.

If you don't find the perforated paper you're looking for on our site and are unable to create it yourself with our Custom Configuration Tool, please contact us with your requirements. We can configure our perfing machines to meet your exact perfed paper needs.