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Paper Weight Conversion Chart

This chart presents the various paper types across the top of the chart. The weight of the different type papers increase as you go down the chart.

Perforated does not stock all of the paper weights listed below. You can shop for the most common paper weights and layouts in our online store, create a configuration to your specifications with our custom perforated paper tool, or you can call us at 888.509.1233 and order whatever layout you desire or to request a custom paper type.

Bond Text Vellum Bristol Cover Tag Index Point
75 gsm 20# 50#
90 gsm 24# 60#
105 gsm 28# 70#
120 gsm 32# 80#
125 gsm 57#
145 gsm 67#
165 gsm 100# 90#
175 gsm 80# 65#
200 gsm 125# 110#
215 gsm 80# 10 pt.
255 gsm 150# 140#
262 gsm 12 pt.
gsm = grams per square meter