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1 col x 2 rows 8.5"x14"

Get legal-sized paper perforated with 1 column and 2 rows whose versatile configuration is ideal for printing things like mailers, flyers, coupons, postcards, and brochures! An individual sheet produces 2 pieces that each measure 8.5 inches wide and 7 inches tall. You can also opt for 2.25-inch stubs. 
  • Print all sorts of pieces, including mailers, coupons, account statements, postcards, and brochures. 
  • Compatible with most copy machines, inkjet printers, laser printers.
  • Different paper stocks and weights available.
  • 2 pieces per sheet, optional 2.25" stubs.
Order perforated card stock or design your own on
1 col x 2 rows 8.5"x14" layout
Optional Stub:

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